Wednesday, August 20, 2008

prayer and creating

last Sunday we watched the Nooma video "Open," about prayer, then had some discussion. It was great. Here are some quotes and questions from the evening; The quotes are taken from Rob Bell's talk in the video. I might throw in some commentary.

Jesus took very seriously the creation poem, Genesis, that the Bible begins with. And in this creation poem God creates. But God creates things that are capable of creating more. God creates animals and plants and fish, but then empowers them to create more. And then, God creates people and gives them the ability to create more. So everything in creation is essentially unfinished. God leaves the world unfinished and invites people to take part in the ongoing creation of the world.

wow. I love this really echoes what we have been saying at Convergence--that as people made in God's image, we are created to create! We live out one of our primary purposes when we create. That's what art is all about!

God can handle what you're thinking.
God can handle how you're feeling.
God can handle what you're saying.
Prayer, if it's anything, is truth.
It's being honest with your maker.

Sometimes it seems (in church culture) that we get hung up on doing and saying the right things. We use a special language when we talk about and to God. I have some dear friends that always use "thou" and "thy" and "thee" when praying. It sounds nice, but it seems so distant or disconnected to me.

The times I feel closest to God are the times when I just let loose and get completely open and honest and real; pouring out all my junk and ugliness and honesty.

God's desire is that the divine energy that made the world would flow between us and in the process draw us closer together. Prayer is tapping in to the same energy that formed the universe. that's why people say that they can feel prayer. it's because we can. Praying connects us to the people and things we're praying for. Prayer enlarges our perspective. Praying gives us a bigger heart. Praying makes us feel things. Praying changes things but prayer changes us.

May your whole life be a prayer. And may you be honest with God as you become more and more open to your role in the ongoing creation of the world.

Speaking of ongoing creation, congratulations to Steve and Heather who are partnering with God in creating a new life, and a new addition to the Convergence family!

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