Tuesday, February 17, 2009

from the Convergence retreat

Lost? A reflection by Pam Moyer

The ground is wet from recent snow;

Snow that covered, froze, and then melted today.

The sun is out – it sure brightened my mood!

The birds are still here in winter; they chirp and sing

Near the day’s end, they search for food.

The pond is frozen, or rather half-frozen.

I sit near the cold fire pit, writing – it’s 58 degrees!

But here on the bench, I dream of picnics and 80!

We who came, needed this time --

Time together,

Time apart.

This time to reflect,

And time to pray.

This space for renewal

That space to be creative;

The deep leaf piles for walking,

The deep cushioned chairs for repose.

Rushing sounds of a creek must

Lead to Lost River?

But how can the river be lost

If the creek can find it?

These are the things one ponders

When there’s time, (that and the whole universe . . .)

When God is unmistakably present.

Steep surrounding mountains magnify our God

and humiliate self-centered Man.

We are lost; -- our cell signals - gone.


The setting sun begins to chill,

But write I must, if only to convey -

The beauty of this place,

The simplicity of our lodging,

The warm hospitality of our cooks and hosts.

Warm coffee, hot tea,

A Blazing Fire (thanks to Quentin & Jay),

Snacks, Books and Games (thanks to Todd),

Old Friends and new ones – now treasured memories…like Camp!

Above the Fireplace rest words of assurance

and a small rugged cross.

It is lit up - for us,

It is in front - for us,

It holds our focus - as we dream and pray for

God’s great plan for Convergence.

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