Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In God's Garden

From Beth Kramer, Convergence collaborator:

Often when I feel overwhelmed or discouraged with events in my own life, I come over to the church to weed, rake, plant, and such. Being out in the sunshine with the plants while helping and exercising nearly always improves my mood and usually my short-term outlook.

While I am working, neighbors frequently say “hi” or even stop and chat with me. I appreciate the positive energy from the greetings and conversations. Also, people driving by notice me - sometimes people I know.

After seeing me weeding one day, one of my yoga students asked if I would like to have some of the abundant flowers from her yard. She had a multitude of daisies, Black-eyed Susans, irises, and much more. I enjoyed a misty morning with her gathering various plants and bulbs which I later planted around Laura’s Tree and other garden areas.

As I was planting and sketching what I had planted, one of my new friends from The Artist’s Way was at the church setting up for a recording. He pitched in with raking and sweeping the side entrance then commented I could call on him anytime. Thus, these autumn months we have enjoyed many an enriching conversation amidst the leaves.

I am grateful I wasn’t sulking at home worrying about my little stuff. I was out enjoying God’s Garden - receiving gifts of flowers and friendship. Such days are a reminder that there is so much beyond my sometimes limited scope. There is a lot of beauty not far from home; I just need to come outside my little world to be a witness. I just need to look beyond Me.

And in case you guys haven’t noticed, there is a rose hiding over by the side fence. It is especially beautiful.



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Anonymous said...


Thank you for your lovely thoughts and for tending God's Garden. I will remember to stop by.

With love,

Bertie D.