Thursday, July 3, 2008

at the end of all human energy

Amy, inspired/encouraged by Jim and Amanda wrote this during our worship gathering about the gospel story: the feeding of the 5000.

At the end of all human energy
We went to the mountain to pray
We went away from the crowds and the noise and the chaos
All the distracted, destroyed lives and bodies and broken spirits
All seeking healing.

But they followed You there.
They followed us: unwilling,
at the end of all human energy,
seeking our own souls to feed.

You looked upon them with compassion
You the Bread of Life
in Perpetual Offering of Yourself,
willing Sacrifice.
We were waiting for a warrior.
We did not understand.

At the end of all human energy
we said
Oh Jesus, please send them away
Send them back to the streets and the towns
and the seasides and the slums
Send them back to the muck where they came from
Let us feast on You alone
Let us be with You.

And You turned to us and said
"You give them something to eat."

At the end of all human energy
We gazed at the Bread of Heaven,
ravenous to be filled to bursting,
ravenous to possess and not to share
We did not understand.

That You, with a prayer
had all that we needed
and oh so much more.
12 baskets filled to overflowing
You gave without questioning.

At the end of all human energy
We did not understand
That in dying we live
That in giving we receive
and that in You, the Bread of Heaven,
we were only beginning to believe.

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Mike Croghan said...


This is gorgeous.

And so are we still only beginning.