Wednesday, July 16, 2008

encouraging words

From our friend Bud Hensgen, painter, home-brewer, philosopher extraordinaire: 

There is a movement underway, however, among some protestant faith communities, to reach out beyond the traditionally dogmatic expressions of their communities to explore the fundamentals of Christianity in a way that modern Americans may be able to relate to and to choose as their faith expression.   I believe that Convergence is one of these communities.  

The hope for contemporary Christianity, in my view, lies with progressive protestant communities that are working as "faith laboratories" if you will, to how the fundamentals of Christian belief can successfully be adopted by thinking, educated Americans in order to ensure that Christian traditions will succeed and prosper in the 21st century.

I commend Convergence for its bold efforts to work on building a faith community without binding it hopelessly to a narrow interpretation of the Bible, but rather to attempt to call together questioning Christians to explore the possibilities of building a faith community both relevant to contemporary thinking Americans and consonant with fundamental and traditional Christian principles. 

...I think Convergence needs to continue to walk that fine line between traditional theology and experimenting with newer expressions of faith.

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