Friday, July 18, 2008



A prayer of confession by Quentin Paquette

Lord, I’m always putting myself first.

Not asking freely for Your help:
Claiming the responsibility for myself,
Taking the credit for myself,
Accepting the blame for myself,
Presuming self-reliance,
Getting my work done,
Seeing it my way,
Saying it in my own words,
Accountable for my own cleanliness,
Forgive me my arrogance.

Not listening openly to Your guidance:
Requiring proof and meaning,
Expecting to understand in full, 
Making analogy to my own experience,
Pursuing my own agenda,
Imposing my own schedule,
Impatient for the results of my effort,
Frustrated when my plans fail.
Substituting my reasoning for Your offer to cleanse.
Forgive me my overconfidence.

Not acknowledging Your gifts:
Applauding my own successes,
Self-satisfied with my cleverness,
Boasting about my accomplishments,
Denying the power of Your work in me,
Miserly with the blessings I’ve been given,
Overlooking the blessings at hand,
Not trusting You to provide.
Unmindful of Your example at the basin.
Forgive me my selfishness.

I’ve limited myself
By leaving You out.
Accumulating dirt.
Too proud to let You wash my feet.
Help me to live in Your world.
Forgive me my pride.
Teach me humility.
Wash me, so that I may belong to You.

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