Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nourishment 10

When we talk about attitude we can talk about two things in general: How we feel emotionally and how we deal with things based on our outlook.

How we feel.
Although our feelings fluxuate often, if we seem to default to a certain unhealthy feeling which lasts for months or even years, we should probably address the matter. Feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, anger, depression, frustration, fear, confusion, dependency, lack of dependency, hopelessness, blame, and guilt are just a few unhealthy feelings that are common in many people's lives.

How we deal.
Our outlook alone can determine whether we are fulfilled in life or completely defeated. Although most people fall somewhere in between the two, most don't purposefully own their attitude in order to give themselves complete permission to make the most out of life. Some problematic habits such as future telling (Thinking you know what's really going to happen before it does), mind reading (Determining people's opinions without warrant), and black and white thinking, mixed with a glass half empty world few can wreak havoc on jobs, relationships and personal growth.

Search your feelings today and be encouraging but honest with yourself about where your attitude is. Right now we just want to identify the issues. Don't worry about tackling them yet, just think about how they effect your life.

Prayer: Pray that God would open your eyes to your attitude.

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