Monday, February 15, 2010

Nourishment 1

As we have mentioned in the past, we only have a limited amount of time per day, per year, per life. We want take this week to inventory our days hour by hour the best we can. Don't be a perfectionist about it. Just keep a list by your bed and jot down what you did during the day.

Prayer: Pray that God would start to show you the patterns of importance in your life.

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theo said...

At first, I thought oh-no, a time-study, but then I liked the prayer and the words "patterns in your life." I think that makes it significant to our purpose statement done earlier, and less of another to-do item. No guilts, no woulda-coulda-shoulda's, right? Just observation for now? It is so easy to let the hours slip by doing inane things, by habit, boredom or by being too busy to pay attention. This will be interesting...