Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nourishment 9

We often overlook many of our abilities as they seem natural to us or we have lived with them for so long that we under rate them. Think about all of the things you possess talent wise, personality wise, financially, physically and materialistically. Look back at the accomplishments you have achieved through your life and track the areas where you have grown more able. It's also wise to ask people close to you to talk to you about your talents. This exercise is usually surprising and almost always very encouraging.

Now think about where you feel you should be more confident. We all have places we want to go or things that we want to do but can't because of our inabilities. Where do you find you are hesitant or even fearful to move in a direction?

Remember, fear begets more fear within us, but reclaiming areas of our life give us the confidence to reclaim other areas as well.

Prayer: Pray that God would solidify confidence in your current abilities and help empower you to grow in others where you are weak.

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theo said...

My biggest challenge or lack of ability seems to be technology. So many computer problems & cell phone issues that I've kept myself from buying a decent MP3 or something to play music on. I am committed this week to overcome the frustration and find the time & patience to improve in this area by asking for help. Thanks, blog.