Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foundations 9

Our attitude is our view of the world and determines a lot about how we choose to interact with it. A bad attitude can effect our ability to interact with others, our permission to achieve, and our emotional dynamicism as well as many other important attributes of our lifes.

How to you typically feel about other people? Are they approachable? Are they safe? Are you equal to them or do you see people as being on levels higher or lower than you? Are people full of interesting gifts and ideas to explore or are they challenging and obstructive? Do you tend to avoid strangers or embrace them?

What do you think about life in general? Is life a place where you spend time treading water until you have vacations or weekends? Do you expect life to be easy but it keeps throwing hard things at you? Is life a place where you have to constantly guard yourself from problems and difficulties? Do you feel that you have freedom to be yourself and do things you really feel called to?

How do you view yourself? Do you feel that you are a good person? Do you feel that people value you, your personality and your abilities? Are there things you feel you need to change before you can truly feel good about yourself?

As you think about these answers, think about how much sense they really make. Where did you get these ideas and are the "rules" actual rules, or just things you believe to be true for no apparent reason.

Now think about the attitude you want to have and re-write these rules and beliefs.

Prayer: Pray that God would show you his vision for your attitude.

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theo said...

I love building relationships. It's fun getting to know people & their interests, so my attitude is very positive in this area. The difficult thing is maintaining relationships, even for an extrovert. There must be time, energy and initiative to sustain friendships. This is not so easy in our busy Facebook & Twitter world, where people compete for "friends".

Life for me is fun, exciting, fulfilling yet challenging and sometimes exhausting; but my attitude can help me see joy or despair. It's a day to day decision.

Attitude about self reminds me of what we've talked about before - nourishment, self-care, sleep & making healthy choices. Good relationships can affirm us, while unhealthy ones can deflate us. If my relationship with Christ is strong & my prayer life rich, my attitudes are always better!