Monday, March 8, 2010

Foundations 4

As we are focusing on guilt and shame versus confession and godly sorrow, think about things that have made you feel guilty or shameful. Have you broken a law or hurt someone else physically or emotionally? Has something happened to you that creates shame or guilt, whether it was within your control or not? Was there ever something you should have done where you stood bye without action creating consequence? Are you not living up to an ideal that you expect for yourself? Are there things you constantly do that you know are wrong?

We must identify these things so that we can confront and work them out. If we don't, they stay in us and create disorder and conflict. If we let these things stay too long then we create unhealthy habits to deal with, or hide from the issues. Once we have these habits for too long they start to effect our foundations, they might hinder our abilities or create a sour attitude, our beliefs can suffer and turn negative and our identify can become confused.

Identify these things so that you can address them.

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