Saturday, March 20, 2010

Foundations 10

Do you feel like you live life for yourself or other people? Are there things you feel you need to change about yourself before you can truly be who you are supposed to be? Are you easily influenced by people? Do you find that you are over sensitive to things that people say about you?

If you are an artists, do you feel that you have a clear direction for your art, or do you constantly explore the styles of others as you search for your own expression?

How comfortable do you feel when you are alone? Do you feel the constant need to fill in the space with sound or some sort of entertainment? Do you enjoy the time to think about things and refresh yourself with your thoughts?

Do you have hobbies, days off, time with close friends. Are those close friends people that you have chosen for yourself?

Having quiet time to ourselves, outings doing things we enjoy and journaling every day, are some things that help us get to know ourselves. How much we explore these times can quickly have a positive or negative effect on our identity.

Prayer: Ask God to create in you the person he has in mind for you to be.

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