Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Foundations 7

Before change can happen, we must realize that it needs to. Often we are very content with the situation we are living in without questioning how we got there or if it's how we want to live even though we may have learned bad behaviour through one of many avenues in the course of our lives.

Of course we shouldn't live in a constant state of discontent because of how our lives "should be", but we should always challenge ourselves and check our direction. Not taking control of our direction can result in being influenced by many factors which will effect our foundations, and there are infinite such factors. Commercials will tell us what we need in order to be happy, people will tell us who we are, or who we are supposed to be, traumatic situations will create fear within us, and authorities will create our rules and beliefs.

Many of these factors have already defined parts of our foundations. It's up to us to decide if we choose to live with them or take steps to define ourselves. This is what we mean when we talk about repentance: turning from our old lives and claiming victory and ownership over them on a path of growth. It's hard, it means change, it means facing difficult memories, it means not living comfortably.

Think about your view of life today. Are you too content? What is your tolerance for change before you want to escape back to the safety of your routine? Does this inhibit growth for you? How many difficult situations in relationships or your past do you just ignore because it's more comfortable that way?

Prayer: Pray that God would expose the true state of your heart when it comes to repentance.

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