Monday, March 8, 2010

Foundations 5

Once you know the areas where you need to work, it is hard or impossible to just think or act better. You need to replace those thoughts and actions with healthier thoughts and actions.

This is where community comes in. We need other positive and trustworthy people in our lives to affirm and relate to us. We are designed to need this. We need other voices that we can confess to, voices that can relate and help us work things out. We need voices more powerful than our inner voice so that we can deal with issues in a sober and realistic manner, rather than just our own one sided view points.

Think about your peers and community. Are there people that you trust and respect? Are there people that care about you and know you well? If not, why is this and what can you do to create these kinds of relationships? If there are these kinds of people in your life, are you talking to them about your issues and are they talking to you about theirs? If not why? This is an essential part of how God made us and is necessary for our individual and communal health.

Prayer: Pray that God would illuminate the reality of your relationships and challenge you to make them deeper.

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