Sunday, April 11, 2010

Safety - Day 1

We have heard many times that we can't save the world, but it may be more accurate to say that we can't save anyone. We can offer help, but it is up to each person to own their issues as much as they are capable. Unless we take responsibility for our own issues we will never experience transformation. Sometimes we are faced with change that we must face or ignore, but other times we need to seek out areas where change needs to occur.

Think about areas where you know change is needed in your life and what that change might look like. Also, think about issues that you have let live in your life without taking time to process them deeply enough to find where they begin.

To deal with deep change we must be very honest with ourselves about what needs work so that we can plan properly.

Prayer: Pray that God will help you own your issues and give you the strength to confront them.

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