Thursday, April 15, 2010

Safety - Day 5

Try to picture your life without the negative presences that you identified yesterday. Really try to visualize what your life would look like if all of your relationships were safe and affirming. What if you had the time you needed to reflect on yourself, journal, pray, or be alone doing something you enjoy. What if you felt comfortable in your own head without thinking about things you regret or things that you fear or hate.

The point here is to try and give ourselves an image of the place where we need to be, in order to deal with change, so that we can strive to be in that place. If we don't know what it looks like, then it can be harder to get there.

Prayer: Pray that God helps you to visualize his next step for you.

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theo said...

My life would be similar to a week on vacation: no traffic, no deadlines, no stress. I come back from vacation thinking I will incorporate the things I did into present life, like walking on the beach or in the park, coffee on the deck in the morning with my journal, leisure time to play, but mostly a slower pace. Time filled with good friends, fun, good food, movies or theatre, art, music, poetry and love.

Hmm, thanks for the reminder! I have access to all of this right where I am - it's just a choice to act or react. Thanks.