Sunday, April 11, 2010

Safety - Day 4

Today, identify unsafe or destructive presences that effect your area or areas of change. They may contribute directly as an obstacle, or simply create an environment where change is unsafe. Look first at the presences that may effect you physically or environmentally, then look at the presences that effect you emotionally.

These presences can be relationships, habits, jobs, beliefs, wall color, dirty rooms, influential messages, stressful pets, or even time drainers like tv, hobbies, or community involvement. Sometimes you can feel where these things effect you before you can actually know what they are. They might even be good things that need to take a back seat to other areas where you need to build or heal. Remember that you have much more to offer when you are a whole, healthy person than when you are struggling or hurt.

Prayer: Pray that God would help you look in the tiny areas of your life and thank him that he cares even for things we consider trivial.

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theo said...

Having a safe home and work environment is something often taken for granted until it becomes unsafe. Some of those issues were addressed in previous blogs, but today's blog reminded me how important a group of encouragers can be when one is experiencing change. The Artist's Way is one such group I have found to be helpful to discover the tiny areas that are either unsafe or very safe. We can let go of the unsafe habits, messages or "time drainers" and affirm the things or people that give us energy, joy and value. But a workbook and a group of safe people can speed the process and hold one gently accountable. I look forward to the next Artist's Way to continue celebrating the changes occuring in my life.