Sunday, April 11, 2010

Safety - Day 3

Sometimes just categorizing issues can help us process them in a different way and let us see more clearly the effects they have on our lives since different issues require different amounts of energy and time. As you have thought about areas of change, separate them into one of the following three categories to help you organize and prioritize your efforts.

Very difficult – Issues that are very severe such as things induced by traumatic events like abuse, or death.

Difficult – Issues which create significant stress in your life. These could be relational issues, job or financial problems for example.

Minor – Issues that are problematic or annoying but not very serious. These could be bad habits or everyday common obstacles. Minor issues can be deceptive as we can often ignore them or play them off as not serious enough to address, but they can add up to larger issues or become inflated in their difficulty when we have to deal with something far greater.

Prayer: Pray that God helps you to clearly see the effects of your issues on your life.

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