Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stewardship - Monday December 14

Think about your physical limitations. How many places can you be at once? How many quality relationships can you maintain at one time? How much work can you get done in a day? A week? How much can you remember? What are your gifting weaknesses? Teaching, math, organization etc.

It's important to know your limitations so that you can build realistic expectations for yourself. It also helps you to create boundaries when there are so many needs. Knowing your purpose as well as your physical limitations is very important to creating a clear path forward without putting too much on your plate.

Prayer: Pray that God will divinely help you explore physical expectations in a way that you may not have understood before

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theo said...

The purpose posters done this past Sunday gave us a chance to think and meditate on the whole week's blog. This week's entry, so far, looks like we'll have more to add to the posters, the purpose statements and vision of our lives. I don't usually think about limitations in the same mindset as Vision, but today's entry reminds me to set realistic & healthier boundaries & parameters. That's not necessarily a bad thing, if they still allow for the miraculous and unexpected - much like Mary, I imagine. Who, me? a virgin? the Christ? She & Joseph dealt with the reality of tax collection, raising a child, going to the expected Jewish festivals, yet met head-on the physical limitations of her son's death on the cross. No comparison, of course, but tis the season. Good exercise in Stewardship & lots to ponder. Thanks.