Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stewardship - Thursday December 3

So far this month we have thought about things to appreciate and be thankful for. Today, we will look for things you may appreciate too much.

What are things in your life that you hold high in value that maybe you shouldn't. Sometimes these can be easier to identify when you think of them in terms of what you do with your resources. Often, a quick look at your bank statement can tell you a lot about what you really value.

Think of things you give a lot of time, money, effort or thought to (pay attention to this as you go about your day too). Do these things line up with your values and mirror things you believe in? Do they line up with your plans for your future? Do they help move you to a place where your talents are better utilized and nurtured?

Prayer: Pray that God will help you find unnecessary things in your life and help align your life to better fit your purpose.

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