Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stewardship - Thursday December 16

Although we have grown accustomed to many limitations, we can often become frustrated when an unexpected limitation is presented to us. If we get sick, our car breaks down or we break a leg, we can feel cheated, due to our expectations of the way things "should" be.

Sometimes we are too comfortable in our acceptance of given limitations and should not be content as they can be barriers to our purpose and accomplishments. Other times, we are defeated because we have inaccurate expectations of the way life is suppose to be. Think about times when you are frustrated because of limitations not reaching your expectations. Also think about limitations you have that you should challenge in light of the momentum of your purpose. Really try to be honest with yourself and sort out what expectations you have that are healthy and which aren't.

God made us with limitations. A good steward has a strong understanding of what they can and can't do with these limitations, in light of what they should do according to their given purpose.

Prayer: Pray that God will search your heart and help enlighten you to properly view the expectations in your life.

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theo said...

This week has been a good but difficult blog for me, because I've built my life around exceeding expectations of myself and others. "Excellence, success, total quality, positive thinking, etc." I'm a half-full kind of person, and our society responds better to success and those who are "prepared" for the unexpected. Even Christianity focuses on being the best God made you to be.

However, these deep exercises about limitations as they relate to Stewardship have made me reflect on the dangers of that type of thinking: one can never be enough, never do enough or be good enough - and that's a lie. We are enough in God's eyes. Yes we need to work hard with the gifts we have, and although we want to be perfect, those things & that language keeps us in the future and the past. Isn't it better to have joy in the present just as we are, where we are, with shortcomings, unplanned illnesses or emergencies, job losses, struggles and disappointments? I'm not advocating laziness or apathy, but our area breeds over-achievers with little time to build community. Jesus could have felt overwhelmed by the crowds, but he understood his purpose & God's grace; he set reasonable goals, accepted his human need for rest, enjoyed the company of his companions without guilt, went to the cross willingly and recognized God's grace & mercy. He is our model & Saviour. Thank you for reminding us of his love & our humanity.