Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stewardship - Tuesday December 15

Today, think about your time resources.

You only have so much time to accomplish things both large and small. If you need to cook a large meal then you need the better part of a day to prepare it. If you want to become a Doctor then you need years of schooling before you can achieve the title. What things do you want to do that you might have discounted because of time? What are things you do currently that leech valuable time from you?

In the largest scope of your planning, your life itself is limited in its time, allowing you to accomplish only a certain amount in your years. Knowing your purpose, as well as your time limitations, is very important in creating a sense of urgency in your life as well as often creating a sobering and healthy view of what you can actually accomplish. Understanding these very concrete limitations is very helpful when you need to prioritize your long term and short term plans.

Prayer: Pray that God will help you understand the important role time plays in your life.

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