Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stewardship - Wednesday December 2

Today we will also look for things to be thankful for, but with a different take. Today we will look at things we take for granted that we really should deeply appreciate.

We get used to our bodies, our planet, our relationships, and the culture around us as we are born into them and grow with them throughout our lives. Today, challenge those thoughts. Think about all of the things your body can do, all of the things that exist on our planet and the complex systems that keep them in action. Think about all of the people you have known and all of the things you have learned from them. Let your imagination take you as far as it can go. Don't edit it. See where it takes you, even if it's silly. When you get there, think about God's plan for His creation in that place.

Though this is an exercise in appreciation, it will also help show you just how large and creative God is.

Prayer: Pray that God will reveal Himself as you ponder His creation.

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