Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stewardship: Thursday December 9

When considering our purpose and the road ahead to fullfill our purpose, especially when we seek God's purpose in faith, it can help us to look at what God already has made in us.
Take a look at your natural talents. Basically, what are you good at? What have people admired in you or where do you find you consistently excel in your life? Are there areas where something typically seems so easy to you that you don't understand why others can't "get it"? Are there things that seem mundane and boring to most people that, for you, seem exciting and fascinating?

Think about your passions. What topics or causes do you consistently find that you care deeply about. Are there things that you see on TV or in you neighborhood or church that emotionally effect you in a positive or negative way? Maybe you are moved by seeing someone find healing or learning. Maybe your heart reaches out to those who are sick or you feel called to address crime in your neighborhood.

Often your calling is already clear and so natural to you that it's hard to see it as something important. Things we are the best at are often so easy we don't think they are special, we think anyone can do it. There is usually someone that admires our overlooked talents.

Prayer: Pray that God shows you the uniqueness He created you with.

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