Thursday, January 7, 2010

Patience: Friday January 8

Think about areas where you are patient with some people in difficult situations and areas where you are impatient in others. What is different about these situations that allow you to be patient with some people but not others? Are these beliefs about yourself, the other person/people, or maybe both?

Prayer: Pray that God helps balance your ability to be patient in different situations.


theo said...

Sometimes it's about the person, whether or not I have a relationship with them that needs to be preserved; but other times, patience is stronger when it is in line with my purpose, my giftedness, my goals. That may sound selfish, but when something is out of line with purpose, mission or vision, it is harder to focus & much easier to "lose it!" The closer we live to our giftedness & personal or professional missions, the easier it is for me to be patient with others. Although it can be argued that we are also impatient to see immediate results, we must guard against that impatience. Activity and focused effort do bring results in God's time, as well as encourage us through measurable baby steps. That tends to balance emotion & improve patience, especially if God's purpose & a relationship with Christ is at the center of my life.

Anonymous said...

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