Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Patience: Wednesday January 6

Where are some areas in your life that you might want to grow but you don't believe that you can start over in something completely new? Do you not have the energy? Are you too old? Is there really a good reason? Do these obstacles affect ideas you have been thinking about when you processed your gifting, passions and purpose statement? Compare the problems with the potential rewards.

Prayer: Pray for clarity in distinguishing real problems from habitual or deceptive excuses when you think about your direction and choices.

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theo said...

These questions are a great exercise if you have a dream you've been putting off until ... fill in the blank - kids are gone, I'm retired, get a raise, etc. 2 books helped me change careers: Halftime by Bob Buford & Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. Both readable in a day & worth journalling about. Convergence also offers The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, a chance to explore these things in a small nurturing, accountability group. Or take our classes on Meditation, Yoga, writing, painting (website for info.) Taking new languages and being around patient people will test your patience quotient, reveal truth & be a positively challenging experience.