Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patience: Saturday January 16

As we have talked about patience in the act of process, you may have noticed that many issues you have had to work through were because of things learned from problems in the past. Remember that all you have to be responsible for is what you do with the future. Take heart that you are are perfectly safe from the past since we can never go back -- it is eternally behind us. Time is a blessing from God as it provides us a place to learn, heal and build, but we must work through this blessing of time with great patience and be our own supporter not our own enemy.

Think about these things today and pray that God teaches you to love and support yourself while moving on from anything in the past that may haunt you.


theo said...

I just read that time means something different for the "called", as opposed to the driven, and that although Jesus was on earth a short time, his time was spent fulfilling his mission and calling. He was in great demand once others learned he could heal, but he was patient enough to teach his disciples to be patient, focus on their mission to serve God and to have enough quiet time to restore the inner strength that would be required of them. He is our best model.

All of us have probably wasted much time, felt guilty about it and let others' priorities infringe. But this blog reminds me that that is in the past & I can change. Time alone with my saviour is the most important way to recharge, not a spa, a workout, ballgame or other things we try to do to re-charge.

Anonymous said...

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