Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patience: Monday January 11

Where there is specific movement in your life you will often find that is where God is working. We want to start thinking about positive movement in our lives and the part patience plays in that movement.

Today, think about change in your life, where is process happening right now?
Also, think about change that looms in your mind, ideals that you dream about, visions of yourself that you can't reach or that you attemped but failed.

Prayer: Pray that God would help you see signs of His process for your life and open you up to following His direction.


Elise Edwards said...

Over the weekend, I definitely saw specific movement regarding my career development. I had experiences that were exciting, engaging, and affirming, and has become even more encouraging to reflect on those experiences as sites of God's activity.

Patience is definitely required as I think of my career because it's a part of my life where there are concrete timelines to set and meet, structures that allow flexibility to accommodate my unique needs, and times when progress toward goals seems to be moving too slow or too fast. All of these forces pulling in different directions requires (for me at least) a hope in something that is constant. For me, it's God, whose sense of time must be so radically different from my own.

theo said...

Amen, I agree totally. It's a hard lesson I'm trying to learn too in a new career - to be patient amidst changes, the need to adapt, over extending myself or others, caring for self & even learning to depend on others. Patience was tested this week on technology too - things beyond my skill or knowledge tend to ramp up my impatience - man vs. machine. Due to this pattern, I wonder if God is trying to get through to my stubborn, controlling ego. His love and providence are ever-present in the midst of this irritation, so it's helpful to be reminded of his faithfulness.