Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patience: Wednesday January 13

Often, in Christian circles, hiding imperfections makes us appear righteous. In recovery groups, hiding imperfections is considered denial. It is frowned upon as it hinders progress. If we don't admit our issues then we can't move forward with them and our process of growth is hindered. This in turn affects our relationships with ourselves, God and each other as well as all progress related to that issue.

Where in your life are you denying issues you know you should be facing. Are there people that you feel would not accept you in some way or another if you were to talk to them about it? Do you feel that way about the church you attend? Could you accept yourself for admitting the issues?

Prayer: Pray that God's grace would allow you to move forward past these obstacles. Pray that there would be people in your life that you can talk to about these things.

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theo said...

This goes back to worrying about what others' think of you, and judgment of others. If we can't deal with tough issues in a church setting or with a close friend, then we must evaluate the authenticity and transparency of those relationships. The reason I came back to the church after a prolonged absence was the freedom to express pain in a safe environment. I developed the maxim, "if you can't cry in church, where else can you cry?" But yes, tears were met with fear and disdain. My old church (not here) was used to pomp & circumstance, not pain. God loves us, provides, and although intangible, comforts us. We must re-evaluate our relationships if they cannot be honest & genuine. How can you be a patient friend and Christian, full of grace and mercy? How can we stop judging each other so harshly? What else can we do, but pray for one another, be available, & yet admit these flaws?