Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gratitude: Saturday November 21

After absorbing all of the thoughts we have processed this Month, think again to how Zacchaeus must have felt to be redeemed by Jesus in light of his relationship to all of the people around him who must have despised him. Think about how powerfully he felt redemption that, not only cleared his concience, but also empowered him to a heart of gratitude and service.

Prayer: Jesus said that the one who is forgiven the most sin is the one who is most appreciative. We have all been given special grace and forgiven much but often don't take the time to realize how much. Pray that God will teach you how much he has forgiven you and how much freedom He offers you. Let His grace lead you to a heart of true and genuine gratitude for Him and the relationships He has placed in your life.

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