Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude: Wednesday November 18

As we understand what it really means to be the body of Christ, how well do you feel that you know your part within this body? Do you feel the real benefits of having the other parts around you. Do you feel that others are benefiting from the talents and purposes that God made you to do?

Prayer: Ask God to help make you aware of the distance and the functional relationship between those around you.

(Convergence has access to some good assessment tools for anyone that would like to get some insight into how they may be gifted in certain kinds of ministry. Ask any staff members and we will get you started.)


Theo said...

Discussions like the one on Sunday help us learn a little more about one another--our similarities, differences, challenges and blessings. Working together to put on the Open House also showed our community at its best-working together for a bigger purpose-not just to get things done. I learned about Process, perspective of others, understanding of our community's giftedness and the generosity of others. This blog and prayer time could deepen our relationships within the community, if we're not afraid to join the conversation. Try it, you can be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to voice that I really enjoyed Sundays meditation service and hope to have more in the future. Some of the thoughts that came to me during it were surprising. I really enjoyed hearing different peoples thoughts on some of the focus questions. I liked what Barbie said about people who believe in a higher power who are "gifted" not having ego problems because they are humble in knowing that God gave them these gifts and thankful to him instead of taking all the credit for themselves.

Diana said...

Sunday's service for me was an eye opener. I went into it open minded and was honest with myself and God through each verse and focus question. I found I was proud of myself in some of my thoughts and very ashamed of others. I also gained some kind of understanding for people who feel the need to confess their sins to others so as to somehow share the burden of their guilt. The meditations helped me focus on what is important and kind of de-clutter what isn't. It was kind of theraputic. It left me feeling motivated and spiritually uplifted and has stayed with me throughout the week. I don't ever want to say "I didn't have the time" or "was too busy" for things of importance. Like this blog. I am making/taking the time because this is important to me. I don't want to be an excuse maker anymore.