Thursday, November 19, 2009

What would you do if were given absolute permission from someone of absolute athority to follow your creative and spiritual passions. How many times have you let someone else do something because you felt they would do it better than you, only to find that you actually could have done it better.

Often we miss opportunities that we instinctively feel we should own because we don't give ourselves permission. This is where faith comes into play in God's work. Think about areas where you believe God may be giving you permission to do something where you are truly gifted.

Prayer: Ask God to help you wrestle and come to terms with your faith. Let him teach you to trust Him daily in areas where you may usually be timid.


Diana said...

This questions leads into a thought/life changing realization that I got from Sunday's meditation. Don't really know how to explain it other than if you are confident in your relationship with Christ then all things are possible. You should have no insecurities. But I think getting there can be pretty intimidating to new believers. As Cynthia said it is as though you unzip your skin and there your soul is exposed and vulnerable. I am learning to trust in God which sounds so stupid and easy. But too me it is pretty complicated and unatural because apparently I have been a pretty self-centered person without even realizing it. I mean just a human. Does anyone else relate to this? I hope more people read this blog because I think it would be a great way to communicate thoughts/feelings we may be too insecure to address during service or may come up with after.

Lisa said...

I relate to this like crazy! Sometimes I even think I am trusting in God and then realize that I am not. Usually this is indicated by the level of fear, procrastination, or just general sens of not being "ok." I am really liking the blog and our services because it helps me keep coming back to this stuff. Also, the daily prayer service is helping me to create a better pattern for my day and week. Sometimes it is just as simple as having regular times of quiet, where the world stops and I realign myself. It is weird how this "simple" stuff is really not so simple. But, it is?

Diana said...

I just can't believe how all my normal worries and obsessive thoughts have been replaced with thoughts of the daily blogs and Sunday services. I missed this Sunday's for a Birthday party and kept wondering what you guys were doing. I was upset that I was missing out! This is how church should be! I really like and understand your statement on having regular times of quiet and realignment. I am experiencing this (MAKING IT HAPPEN) It is wonderful. Don't think I would be able to make it out regularly to the daily prayer services but am taking the time to reflect when I can. I have so much to say and this gives me time to think before speaking which is refreshing. I think I'm coming to some pretty solid conclusions on what the meaning of gratidute is and how personally I can achieve it in my life. For me I think it boils down to acceptance of myself. The problem is that I have just lived up till now. And am now freshly learning to live a life of "purpose" in God's eyes and have NO CLUE what that means yet! So learning acceptance of my "new" self is hard because I am just getting to know this "new" me. But I know I am on the right road and will soon be experiencing gratitude fully I can feel it more and more each day.