Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratitude: Monday, November 9

Where do the feelings of anger, frustration, and hurt come from in these relational problems that we discussed last week? What personal boundaries or beliefs about yourself did they offend to make you feel the way you did?

Prayer: Pray that God will search you and give you insight to these issues as they are often hard for us to discern ourselves.

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Lisa said...

I think the hurt I experience comes from expectations I have that don't get met. I may have expectations about how someone will react or treat me in a friendship and when they don't live up to these expectations I feel hurt.

This process is making me realize this. I also realize that the hurt they experience probably comes from expectations they have of me that I am not meeting.

Knowing this, I can try to be more aware of this - communicating my needs, paying attention to theirs. But much more importantly, learning their values and expectations early in the relationship so that I know if this is someone I should really have a deep relationship with - for their well being and mine.