Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gratitude: Saturday November 14

Today, use your list from yesterday and try exercising these ideas throughout the day.

Prayer: Pray for God's revelation as you as you try these ideas through the day.


Lisa said...


I am really enjoying this process. Thanks so much for keeping the thoughts and questions coming!

dianasmith5522 said...

I am enjoying this as well. Personally it helps keep me grounded. I think in summary from this weeks blog that it is hard not to be a person with walls/boundaries up. It is hard not to be the "finger pointer" that Jay acted out during his talk on Zacchaeus. Seriously, stop and think how hard it is to give a complete stranger the benefit of the doubt let alone to put your complete trust 100% in someone you KNOW. Think of someone that you are angry with. Maybe years of resentment. Maybe you can forgive but not forget. It is hard to be the person that Jay acted out with arms outstretched ready to embrace the world. We all know that this is impossible. But shouldn't we give people a chance before placing judgment? Shouldn't we give people second chances? I think yes. But there is nothing wrong with saying NO THIRDS! I know in my everyday life I am trying to communicate more honestly whether it be negative or positive (just honest) and it seems to be a very healthy way to be. And letting go of anger is an empowering freedom. I think the saying "mind over matter" rings true. If you try to find the positive an all things even bad well then you will feel gratitude and embrace it. And if things are spiralling out of control, then the best you can do is pray and have faith. And if God doesn't quite hook you up like you wanted. Well, maybe there is a lesson to be learned just not right now. I am learning not to question things and just accept. As a mother I could not tell you how many times I say "you just don't understand" "You'll understand when you are older" "There are reasons why I said no. I should not have to explain myself!" We are all Gods children and I think we should not question the negative. We will understand when he let's us. This is one of my hardest lessons towards gratitude. Is just mere acceptance and trust in God no matter what he chooses for me.

Theo said...

Amen, Diana! I have also found it difficult to list the ways I will stop myself from being self-focused. The blog started us out thinking of ourselves, but I like how it responded to a comment about being more outwardly focused. For me, it will be a process of slow change; right now it is easier to catch myself not thinking of the other's perspective than acting in ways to prevent it. Confession is good for the soul & this blog is helping me to look beyond even if it's just old habits. Children may not really understand parental frustrations yet, but they will remember your attempts to help them understand - especially when they become new parents! Trust in God and in this process of developing intentional and natural gratitude.