Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gratitude: Friday November 13

When have a more redemptive attitude in life we usually find that we are looking more outward toward the lives of other people and less inward to ourselves. What are some ways that you can be more insightful to other people's perspective so that some of these issues could be avoided. Write these down as you think of them throughout the day.

Prayer: Ask God to help you envision a less self-centered view of the world.


theo said...

This is a worthy goal to be more outward-focused, yet we interpret all things through our own lens filters. Listening and pondering the others' circumstances are good places to start; but don't we typically try to connect with their story by sharing our own story? Some intentionally try to one-up the other, but that's clearly not redemptive. Many, however, share experiences to find common ground, like car accident or grief stories. But it's a good reminder to deepen that common ground & look at the bigger picture.

Lisa said...

I know this sounds "churchy," but sometimes I just find myself praying "please God, help me to see this person the way you do." Then I start seeing them in a whole new light.

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't sound "churchy" at all! I am trying to be more open and less judgemental with everyone. Sometimes something you think is negative can actually be a good thing. I know with my husband he can be pretty abrupt (in fact kinda rude) but at least you know where you stand with him and that he will ALWAYS be honest no matter how much it hurts. You have to ask yourself. Is this really a bad thing? I have learned to accept it and embrace it even if at times it is a bit much.